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Choosing Local Beer for Your Wedding in Warwickshire

Choosing Local Beer For You Wedding In Warwickshire

There are so many elements that go towards making a wedding as special and memorable as possible.

One of them, undoubtedly, is the beverages on offer. And the good news these days is that there are a huge number of options when it comes to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments that’ll keep everyone happy.

Today, we’re going to focus on beer, and more specifically, some of the best local breweries in and around Warwickshire.

If you haven’t considered ordering a supply of locally-brewed beer from one of the following fantastic businesses, you could be missing a trick.


Warwickshire Beer Company

“We care about every pint,” says the team behind the Warwickshire Beer Company.

Based in Cubbington, production started in 1998 with a six-barrel plant. Fast-forward to 2021, and Warwickshire Beer Company now supplies their tasty range of real ales to restaurants, hotels, and pubs.

As you might expect, they’re well-versed at catering for larger events, too, thanks to their ‘bag in boxes’.

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If you’ve been to a pub anywhere in Warwickshire (or beyond) this year, you’ll probably have seen the unmistakable Purity logo on one of the pumps.

Their motto is “crafted with conscience”, which will give you that warm, fuzzy feeling when enjoying one of their ales. Indeed, their enthusiasm and attention to detail is infectious, and results in a range of beers that satisfy most tastes.

Since 2021 Purity has aligned itself closely with events, which means they’ll be more than happy to provide enough beer to quench the thirsts of your wedding guests.

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Church Farm Brewery

Apparently, the team at Church Farm Brewery love beer as much as we all do. So, that’s good news!

Back in 2012, they decided to sell their entire herd of dairy cattle and convert the milking equipment into a microbrewery, which is just about the best business pivot we’ve ever heard of.

This proudly handmade beer could be the perfect accompaniment for your wedding.

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Weatheroak Brewery

This award-winning local brewery is based in Studley, and first brewed its beer in January 1998 to meet what was a growing demand for real ale.

Ever since then, they’ve been supplying local pubs and even have their very own “off licence with a difference” in Alvechurch.

Their beer is a favourite among locals, but a great option for adventurous wedding planners, too.

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Slaughterhouse Brewery

This four-barrel micro-brewery delivers over 95% of its beer within a five-mile radius of Warwick. You don’t get much more local than that, and if your wedding is taking place in the county, they’ll clearly have no issue helping you out with the drinks on offer!

They’ve been operating since 2003, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that there’s plenty of experience behind their wonderful range of real ales.

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Oxfordshire Hook Norton

You’ll almost certainly have seen Hook Norton’s beers outside of Warwickshire. It’s no surprise, when you consider the fact that the brewery dates right back to 1849.

It’s still proudly family-owned to this day, and the beers on offer (from the timeless Old Hooky to their Ironstone Lager) are still lovingly crafted. They also have a fantastic range of cider, too, and plenty of kegs to stock the bar with on your big day.

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Windmill Hill Brewing Company

As the name suggests, Windmill Hill Brewing Company is a stone’s throw from the stunning Chesterton Windmill.

Inspired by the beautiful surrounding countryside, this wonderful, family-owned brewery is rather fond of experimenting with flavours and processes, meaning there’s a wealth of really interesting beers on offer.

Oh, and they have a mobile bar hire, too, which is absolutely perfect for weddings; particularly if the weather is on your side.

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Don’t forget the catering…

We hope you’ve found this guide useful and that your wedding is made as special as it should be with the help of a local brewery.

Remember, if you need help with anything else relating to food and beverage catering, just get in touch with the Plato team, and we will be more than happy to help.

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