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Why We’re Heading to the Farm to Get Married…

Farm wedding in Warwickshire

Getting married isn’t a cheap exercise. Even the simplest of weddings can turn out to be one of the largest spends you ever make. Although marriage is worth celebrating and we recommend that you enjoy it (it’s likely to be the biggest party you’ll ever host) it can involve some tough decisions.

Spending all that cash on an event has led to some not wanting to get married at all and others deciding to drop the traditional wedding present list for a donation towards the party.

Hotels as venues remain great options, but they’re not for everyone – particularly if you’re on a tight budget. Although the attraction of ‘a wedding all under one roof’ appeals to many, times are changing, according to recent research.

John Lewis published research findings in a 2019 press release which highlighted some very interesting changes towards weddings on farms and in the countryside as an alternative to traditional hotels. DIY weddings are on the up!


Farm wedding in Warwickshire

Photo credit: Andrew Craner Photography


John Lewis: “Wedding ceremonies held in barns or farms have doubled”

In the research, John Lewis laid out the trends they’re seeing from data in their wedding insurance as well as their well-known wedding list service.  

“The number of wedding ceremonies held in barns or on farms has doubled in the past five years, with one in eight taking place in these venues compared to one in 15 in 2014.”

Other indicators included:

  • A 35% rise in outdoor fairy lights so far in 2019
  • One in six booked for this year will be held in barns or on farms, up from one in eight in 2014.
  • One in 10 weddings now involves a marquee.

It’s right there in the data – we’re moving to the barns and farms.


Farm wedding in Warwickshire

Photo credit: Andrew Craner Photography


It doesn’t have to be tractors and hay bales!

Don’t panic though. A marquee wedding on a farm can still be that dream wedding. It doesn’t have to be wellies and raincoats (although some do opt for the full hog!). You can mix with the trends and go for a theme that embraces the farm, rather than resides in it!

A marquee wedding with some country chic might be your style instead, or maybe some bunting, bare marquee poles, and herbs on the table?

A barn wedding, a farm wedding, or a marquee wedding can be a really stylish affair and as the trends across the high street move towards the more natural, back to nature feel, you’ll soon see that this makes perfect sense, too.


It’s expensive to eat in

Another reason to move into the barn or marquee is the ability to reduce the cost of the wedding breakfast and drinks.

Spiralling costs from venues are another reason couples are moving to marquee weddings at home with caterers and drinks supplied from the cash and carry or a quick trip to France.

When you add up the cost of caterers, food, drink, marquee, and the other areas that come together it starts to look like a very attractive idea indeed.

That’s not to say it’s vastly cheaper, but then you have more control – assuming you’re happy to take charge of more arrangements.


Farm wedding in Warwickshire

Photo credit: Andrew Craner Photography


Limited access

Gaining access to your venue early is vitally important, too. If you’re dressing the room and you don’t want to be doing that on the morning of your wedding, a barn might be far easier to get into whenever the need strikes.

As some traditional hotel venues are booked during the week, you often find that the room is in use the day before, leaving you and your bridal team no choice but to head to the venue early.

Hire a marquee and you have a few days, on your terms, to rock up, dress it, and hopefully relax a little more on the evening before and morning leading up to the ceremony.


Farm wedding in Warwickshire

Photo credit: Andrew Craner Photography


Hire the lawn!

No space for a marquee? Lacking in a barn? There are now places like Burcombe Manor in Salisbury who hire out their own lawn for marquee weddings, so you needn’t worry about the lack of space. Or you could look at nearby venues such as Alveston Pastures Farm, which has a beautiful barn conversion which is hired out for weddings, or Mickleton Hills Farm or the stunning Wethele Manor.

Some couples call in favours from neighbouring farms and there are countless village halls with enough ground outside the hall to host a marquee wedding with the bonus of a building to store valuables securely as well as tarmacked parking for the guests.


The personal touch…

Having been delivering and collecting catering hire equipment to marquees for 20 years we’ve seen and visited 1000s of marquees and we can tell you this:

Marquees and venues offer fantastic options for you to personalise your wedding.

Marquees, barns, farms and hotel alternatives are a really exciting option for your wedding venue and as the research shows you won’t be alone in your choice.

Married in wellies? Well, maybe it’s not for everyone, but we’ve seen it done!


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