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Six Good Reasons to Consider a Winter Wedding in 2020 and Winter Wedding Equipment Hire

Six Good Reasons to Consider a Winter Wedding in 2020

As we write this, we’re looking at a quiet summer for the event and wedding equipment hire industry. The Coronavirus has had a huge impact on almost every aspect of life and business. We don’t wish to be all “woe is us” - far from it - but the events industry has certainly been all but temporarily closed down while we’re under lockdown.

Many events have been postponed, but some will have been cancelled from the 2020 calendar altogether which is a massive shame for all involved. Some can’t be cancelled though, and although we’re hearing tongue-in-cheek predictions about higher divorce rates due to lockdown, some weddings that were due to happen in spring/summer will be postponed and this could well lead for a busy autumn/winter wedding season.

As we write this, we’re looking at a quiet summer for the event and wedding equipment hire industry. If you’re looking to get married this year and were hoping for a summer wedding then that looks unlikely at most venues, at least for the time being, so we thought we’d flip this and look at the benefits of a winter wedding.

So here they are, some genuine upsides to all this forced change.


Winter weddings have magical moments

Let’s address the first big reason for the summer wedding from the off on this one. The weather. Yes, it’s thought that a summer wedding will offer more chance of enjoying some sunshine. Well, is that true?

The chances are you won’t see much if the past few years have shown anything. The good old British summer often disappoints. At least if you plan a winter wedding you’re more likely to be able to predict it. And yes, that may mean rain and grey skies, but it would also mean rising mist, frost, snow and warm breath breaking the wintry air.

Winter wedding photos, especially as the sun sets (if you have some) are truly magical and of course, a Christmas wedding is truly delightful if you can pull it off.


Warmer drinks suit winter weddings

Everything about your wedding and your wedding equipment hire items will change in winter and the first drink can be a warm Pimms cup or a festive glass of mulled wine. You have the choice of hot chocolate or warm Irish coffees and some really creative, wintry cocktails to boot.

A winter wedding changes the paradigm and offers up something different but also something that you may well prefer over the typical summer wedding. Winter wedding drinks might also suit your budget and theme better, too.


A winter wedding encourages different menus

Say goodbye to your usual three-course meals and say hello to warming soups, bangers and mash and warm dessert! The winter months allow you to choose meals that are not always seen as the thing to serve in the summer.

Some ideas for winter wedding menus could be:

  • Spicy pumpkin soup
  • Beef filet mignon
  • Baked salmon
  • Winter or fall game meats like venison or pheasant
  • Pear tart
  • Chocolate pomegranate berry tart

More winter wedding menu ideas here.


Cheaper deals?

The venues will certainly be cheaper at certain times of the year and winter weddings and mid-week weddings often give you the chance to save budget in the quiet season. But do bear in mind that many venues will be busy with parties, especially in December.

Winter wedding deals might be better, and we suspect that with the hit the events industry has taken it will have to do something to bring people back and secure some sales, so it’s certainly a good reason to have a winter wedding in 2020.

That said, the other suppliers are often very busy and already booked up in December and late November so planning early is – as always – recommended.

Nevertheless, it would take a brave person to predict the events industry at the time of writing this in April 2020.


What to wear for your winter wedding?

Let’s talk about winter wedding dresses. Of course, as the winter months draw in, you’ll be looking for that warm coat again and saying goodbye to your shades and hello to your warm boots. With your wedding outfits, you’ll now be looking at warm scarves, shawls, coats, and long warm, furry coats.

A winter wedding outfit can be more exciting in many ways and the added depth of autumnal/wintery colours, textures and new styles are preferred by some fashionistas.

Plan though. Plan for the rain and check on access to venues and marquees if you’re going down that route. Planning a wedding in a barn on a farm is all well and good in the dry season, but you may well want matching wellies for the winter months!


More venue choice (normally)

Usually, in the winter months, you’ll have more choice. Organising a wedding in your home church and your favourite venue in the summer often takes a few years to plan. But a winter wedding can often give you more availability along with those aforementioned savings.

But, once again, this will all be up in the air in 2020. With the postponed weddings, the winter months might actually be the alternative summer this year. We’ll wait and see. If you’re planning a wedding in 2021 or beyond though, it’s certainly worth considering for better choice and cost-effective budgeting.


Less hectic (earlier on)

The winter months can also be far more chilled in the run-up and less stressful for you too. With fewer people getting married in winter, less strain on venues and wedding ceremonies, your supply chain of caterers, DJ, florists, venue, wedding equipment hire company and more will have more time for you and you’ll be able to plan all those meetings with more ease.

Again, we’ll wait and see what the tail end of 2020 brings!


What to hire for your winter wedding

With all these fresh new ideas for winter weddings, your wedding equipment hire list could change. Your meal, drinks, and event kitchen setup will be different, so consider all this when you’re planning what you’ll need to hire.

To help you, here are a few guides we’ve already created to help you plan:


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