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Organising and Managing Catering Equipment Hire For Multiple Events

Catering is a fast-paced industry, and with so many moving parts, it can be challenging to keep track of everything. When it comes to events, caterers are expected to deliver flawless service with the right equipment, and on time. However, with the rush of things, it can be challenging to keep track of what was used in previous events, or what equipment is due for maintenance. 

In this blog, we'll discuss how caterers can develop a system for tracking past events and equipment used. We’ll also provide some tips on how to ensure a smooth-running event, and what to do in case of equipment failure or shortage. Finally, we’ll touch on how we, the experts, can help caterers improve their event experience for customers. 

Specific Needs of Each Event 

Caterers should start by understanding the specific needs of each event. This includes the number of guests, menu, location, and other special requests. Once caterers have a clear understanding of the event requirements, they can plan accordingly. They can then decide what catering equipment hire they need and how much of it. This helps to avoid overstocking, which can be a waste of resources and money. 


Tracking Past Events and Equipment Used 

One of the most challenging aspects of catering is keeping track of equipment used in previous events. A simple solution to this is to create a database that stores all the necessary information about past events, including the equipment used. This database should be accessible to all relevant team members and should be updated regularly. With this information, caterers can quickly determine what catering equipment needs to be cleaned, replaced or hired. 


Backup Plan in Case of Equipment Failure or Shortage 

No matter how well-planned an event is, things can go wrong. Equipment can fail, or there might be a shortage of a particular item. To ensure a smooth-running event, caterers should have a backup plan in case of equipment failure or shortage. This includes having a list of alternative equipment that can be used, as well as a list of reliable suppliers that can provide equipment on short notice. 


Training Catering Staff 

Catering staff play a crucial role in ensuring that events run smoothly. That’s why it’s essential to train them on the proper usage and handling of equipment. This training should cover everything from setting up equipment to cleaning it after use. By investing in proper training, caterers can ensure that their staff are confident in their abilities and able to deliver high-quality service to customers. 


Plato’s PAT Testing and SafeHire Certification 

At Plato, we’re committed to providing high-quality catering equipment to hire and excellent service to our customers. That’s why we’re proud to have achieved PAT testing and SafeHire certification. Our PAT testing ensures that all our equipment is safe to use, and our SafeHire certification demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest standards of customer service. 


Talk to us, the experts 

As experts in the catering equipment hire industry, we’re always happy to offer advice and guidance to our customers. We can help caterers stay up-to-date on the latest market trends, new equipment, and innovative solutions that can improve the event experience for customers. So, if you’re looking for advice or support, don’t hesitate to talk to us. 

We know how important it is to get your catering equipment right when doing multiple events. Need help with anything? Contact us today. 

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