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Should You Buy Or Hire Your Catering Equipment? - 11 Proven Reasons To Hire

When you’re setting up a catering business there are many questions you will ask yourself (aside from, “why did I decide to do this?!”). Seriously though, from set-up costs, to brand, website, investment, and the type of events you’ll do, there will be some big questions to ask and many problems to solve.

Published : 4th April 2019

When you’re setting up a catering business there are many questions you will ask yourself (aside from, “why did I decide to do this?!”). Seriously though, from set-up costs, to brand, website, investment, and the type of events you’ll do, there will be some big questions to ask and many problems to solve.

One of the big questions you’ll ask yourself will be about all that equipment you’ll need. You’ll need everything from plates, cutlery, ovens, table clothes, hot cupboards, fridges, glasses and even salt and pepper shakers.

Where do you start? What do you hire, and what do you buy?

Well, we’re going to go out on a limb here and suggest that you hire it all for every event and give yourself a really flexible and up-to-date catering business. Hiring nearly all your equipment from plates and cutlery right up to the big stuff like ovens and fridges makes the whole business really flexible. You’ll certainly be more capable of taking on larger events as well as those small events whilst also riding the tides of busy and quiet periods of trade.

Here’s our case for hiring - 11 great reasons to hire, rather than buy your catering equipment…

1.Avoid large upfront costs

The big one and the reason many opt to hire to start with is the cost. When you’re looking at catering for even a small party, the equipment you need is going to add up. Add to that that not all your events will be the same, and you’ll be quickly working out that if you buy, you’ll need to buy for the biggest events, so you have enough when they come around.

Hire your gear and you’ll have more scope to scale (and shrink) as the season changes, the events roll in, and your business grows.

2.No need to hold stock

When you buy all those table cloths, glasses, cutlery and a couple of ovens, where are you going to store them? The sheer amount you’ll need to hold will soon add up. The square footage needed to store all your gear will push up your rent or cost you more when you buy a unit.

Hire it all, and you’ll never have to see it at your business premises as it’ll all get delivered to site.

3.No need to transport everything

Moving it around becomes a problem for you too. Now you can’t have a small catering van, you need a 3.5T or larger tail lift van just for the equipment. Looking at refrigerated van costs is one thing, but you can’t put your glasses and tables clothes in those vehicles… so you’ll need two types of van and double the drivers and parking!

Hire your equipment and you’ll have a load (literally) taken off your mind and delivered to site instead.

4.No worries about repairing the damage

When you own, you have to fix. Over time, your equipment will become tired and used and even the most robust of equipment that doesn’t need to look ‘as new’ like the ovens and refrigerators, will need some repairs and fixing. Owning means you’ll have to replace table cloths after a certain number of uses, and items like electrical items will need checks, maintenance, and more care than you might have imagined.

Hire your event equipment and you’ll always have nearly new and fully-working and quality-assured kit.

5.No tired or worn out equipment

It won’t take long for your table cloths, napkins, plates, chair covers and more to get that used look. When you use a catering hire company you’ll benefit from a larger buying power and have higher quality products that last longer and are replaced before they ‘get their money’s worth out of them’.

Hire for your event and get a better look and more professional feel overall.

6.Get your washing-up done elsewhere

This is often the big Monday morning job! It’s one you either hire an odd-job or part time cleaner for or give to one of your team instead. And it’s a big one. Either way this will be a cost and a business process you need to factor in. You’ll also need the machines to wash, dry, and launder it all.

Add to that that your glasses and cutlery will all need polishing and you can soon start to see that this is quite a big job. We hand polish all our glasses and cutlery for you.

Hire your plates, glasses, cutlery, linen, and more and you’ll never wash-up again! (Well, not as much!)

7.Peace of mind with PAT testing covered

All electrical equipment needs to be PAT tested and when it comes to powering your event, you’ll need to make sure you’re not only able to PAT test your electricals but registered to do so as well. All electrical catering equipment you hire in should be PAT tested and companies like ours even make sure that all electricals are tested each time they go out.

When you hire your equipment from a SafeHire certified hirer you’ll be getting not only PAT tested equipement but also equipment that’s cleaned, checked and prepared to a high standard for your event.   

Hire in your electrical equipment and cover yourself legally whilst also protecting yourself from any issues on site at your events.

8.Save money on labour

Not washing up, PAT testing, loading vans, washing sheets, ironing napkins, cleaning cutlery or managing a warehouse full of kit gives you a huge labour saving in your business. Hiring it all in might look more expensive from the outset, but when you factor in the labour saving on its own you could well build a good financial case for hiring much more of what you need.

Hire all your equipment in and save on labour whilst also streamlining your workforce.

9.Don’t get to an event and find you are 6 plates short

You’ve got enough to think about. When you hire all your equipment in, you’ll be asked about your event and what it is you think you need. The hirer will then hopefully (if they’re good) ask you probing questions and make sure you’re not doing yourself short on anything for the event.

A hire company specialises, like we do, and they know exactly what you do thanks to hundreds of events a year.

10.No two events are the same – hire for each event

Simply put: hiring means you’ll be ready for any event. You can’t possibly buy now for events in the future and even if you’re really well organised, you’ll no doubt need the odd addition or repair before then. Hiring means you can take on more business, bigger business, and still have all the equipment to do the job. You just pass on the cost of hire into your quote and make it a part of your service that you deal with the hire company for the client. You’re adding value!

When you hire your catering equipment you can take on all events of all sizes and you don’t limit who you can work for.

11. Hire when you need it; don’t store it until you do

Flexibility, cost, expertise, storage, transport, and future proofing your business are just some of the BIG reasons shared above to hire, rather than buy your catering equipment.

Because of the way a business like ours is structured, we can offer you the best equipment at great prices.

We store, deliver, collect and clean everything you need for a far more efficient cost than you could on your own.

Hiring your equipment ensures that all your kit is clean, tested, and in perfect working order and that all your plates, cutlery, glasses, linen and more are present and correct. At the end of the day we cover a large part of the planning so you can concentrate on serving up the best food, drink, and service that you can.

Together we make a great team!

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