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Catering equipment hire throughout: Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Event Hire

Glass hire delivering throughout Birmingham, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, The Cotswolds and West Midlands.

We’re very proud to be SafeHire certified because it means that we go over and above what most event hire companies will do, and this means we’re the event hire company that you can rely on to make your event better in many ways.

We love a good event. There’s something very exciting about attending an event, isn’t there? You can almost feel it in the air.

We feel it when we get involved, even at the very beginning of the event. The excitement, expectation, and even the concerns are all part and parcel of our day-to-day life here in the office at Plato Hire.

Hiring equipment for an event comes with great responsibility and it’s one that we honour very much.

Events need so many areas of the organisation to go well and for that to happen, you need to plan, ask the right questions, and work with the right people. Over the past 20 years, we’ve learnt to use our experience to ask the right questions and to help our customers select the right equipment for their event.

We work very closely with caterers, hotels, wedding venues, and individuals all over Birmingham, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, The Cotswolds, and the West Midlands. We know what you’ll need on the day and we’re highly skilled in spotting the missing pieces to your event jigsaw puzzle.

It’s not unusual that a call with us about catering hire results in a call to a venue or other supplier to ask some more detailed or probing questions about their supply and service.

We care about your event. We might be the worst people to invite to your event as a guest – we’re highly critical – but we’re the perfect partner for all your event hire needs.

Catering equipment hire for barn weddings

Catering hire for weddings

Weddings fill our diary, particularly in the summer months but increasingly throughout the rest of the year. We’re very much at home discussing your requirements for reception drinks, the main wedding breakfast, and the evening buffet and bar drinks.

You can find a full wedding day planning guide right here. It’s totally free!


Catering equipment hire for hotels

Over the past two decades, we’ve built up a strong relationship with many of the hotels in the middle of the UK and further down into Oxford and The Cotswolds. Whether you’re an event planner within a hotel or planning your own event an event at a hotel, you can be certain of a professional and detailed conversation with us about your event. It’s second nature to us.

Event equipment hire

Dinner party hire

Having a dinner party? We can still help if you’re just having a few friends around. We can take the pain out of polishing the glasses and cutlery and even the washing up. Holding a dinner party has many complications and planning. Why worry that you’re short of a few forks and plates? Hire it all instead! Check out our dinner party hire checklist for all you need to consider for your dinner party.


Event equipment hire

What equipment do you need to consider for your event? What crockery and glasses do you need? What have you forgotten?

Planning an event is complex and we’ve seen all the disasters that you need to avoid at yours. Luckily for you, we can help with a large part of your event – the catering equipment hire.

We’ll work with you and your venue. Once you’ve transformed your event space, we’ll add the plates, glasses, tables, chairs, and the equipment you need for your kitchen.

Glass hire can bring many questions: “How many glasses do I need for my event?” “Which glasses will I need?” “What style glasses should I hire?” “I’m serving cocktails at my event, what glasses do I need?” and “If I’m having an evening bar, how does that work?”.

We know all the answers and can talk through your options, so just give us a call now.

Crockery hire might seem simple at first, but have you considered all the courses? The cheese board? The coffee after dinner? The evening guests? Are you having a stand-up event? You might want to consider bowl food as the Royals did. Check our full guide on crockery hire for your event or give us a call right now.

Kitchen equipment can be hired to hotels or venues and we often work with caterers to build entire kitchens in a marquee in a field in the far reaches of the regions we work in. We can supply ovens, fridges, hotplates and more – find out more on our kitchen hire page.

Got the power? Some events fail to provide adequate power and this can be catastrophic when the band plug in and finally overload the already struggling domestic or even industrial power supply.

Planning the power needed to run your event is essential. Don’t leave it to chance.

Rubbish event? Don’t forget to consider the refuse removal! Events need careful thought and planning but they also create a lot of waste. Who’s responsible? Who’s clearing up? Can you be more eco-friendly? We’ve seen this go wrong on occasion, so have a read of this blog to give you an idea of the potential pile of rubbish you might be up against!


Need some help planning your event?

Check out our event planning checklist. We’ve covered everything from the theme, the foods, the venue, music, and the entertainment, as well as the catering event hire equipment that you’ll need, too. Planning an event – a simple checklist.

Catering hire for weddings

Crockery hire

Crockery is a key part of any event, and unless you’re planning to eat off the ground or from blocks of wood like a gastropub trying too hard to impress, you’ll need plates, bowls, cups, saucers, vegetable dishes, and of course the milk jug, salt and pepper shaker and bread baskets. Need help planning your event crockery hire? Find our crockery hire checklist here.

View our full crockery hire range here.

Glass hire for events

Glass hire

We’ve been hiring glasses and bar equipment to functions and events for over 20 years. We’re award-winning and SafeHire Certified, thanks to our commitment to delivering you the glasses that you need, to the right place and in the finest condition. We’ll deliver, collect and even do the washing up! Need some help planning your glass hire? Here's our glass hire checklist.

View our full glass hire range here.

Cutlery hire

Cutlery hire

Cutlery that is cleaned, hand-polished, counted, packed, and delivered on time, to the right place, ready for your event. Whether it’s a meal at home for a special occasion, or something a little larger scale, you’ll need the right cutlery and you might even want to add some style to your place settings too. We’ll deliver, collect, and yes, even do the washing up for you!

View our full cutlery range here.

Linen hire for events

Linen hire

Getting around the table is a huge part of our social lives, and there are very few events that don’t feature food or a meal of some sort. Those tables need dressing though, and if you’re looking to set the scene perfectly with linen, cloths, chair sashes, and napkins to match your theme then you’re in the right place.

View our full linen range here.

Furniture hire for events

Furniture hire

Hiring event furniture really starts with you and your event theme. Consider every detail of your event and ‘shop’ for the furniture based on this. We’re award-winning and SafeHire Certified, too, so you can trust us to hire your event furniture. But, as event hire experts, we’re also here to ask you the right questions to help you hire the right furniture for your occasion. Need some help planning your furniture hire? You can find our event furniture hire checklist here.

View our full furniture range here.

Kitchen hire

Kitchen hire

Getting the food out on time, in perfect flow with the event, and looking and tasting its best is no luck – it’s about great timing. Great timing comes from thoughtful preparation, and when you’re catering at an event without a permanent kitchen, that can be a challenge without the right environment. Luckily we’re here and you can hire kitchen equipment as part of our event hire services for your event. 

View our full kitchen equipment range here.


Here are eight key areas for planning a wedding breakfast. There’s also a wedding day schedule timetable that you can download and you can also download the entire guide in a simple PDF with links to all the sections.

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