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What a Load of Rubbish! Event Hire and Event Waste Removal: Who’s Responsible?

Organising events is a big task and one that takes meticulous effort and a lot of time.

Knowing what the rest of the event team are doing, what they’re responsible for, and when they’ll be doing their part is good event management.

What a Load of Rubbish! Event Hire and Clean up: Who’s Responsible?

Published : 30th April 2019

Organising events is a big task and one that takes meticulous effort and a lot of time.

Knowing what the rest of the event team are doing, what they’re responsible for, and when they’ll be doing their part is good event management.

Make sure this is decided beforehand. It will save any future confusion and help you to run the event more smoothly.

If you’re organising an event at your home or a hired venue, and perhaps you’re using a marquee, then you’ll know all too well that you have a long list of things to consider and arrange.

Most private parties are organised by the bride or groom’s parents, a company MD or their PA, or simply the person who put their hand up to make it all happen. Everyone wants the event to go well but not everyone knows how to make that happen.

That’s why we’re needed though, right? We help event organisers to make the right decisions. That comes from asking the right questions!

One area we wanted to focus on this week is a bit rubbish (literally).

Who’s responsible for the event rubbish removal? Who will be in charge of making that all happen? Is it you? The venue? The marquee company? The caterers?

Somewhere along the line that marquee will need to be emptied. Who’s responsible for that? The last thing you want is the marquee company thinking you’ll do it, and you thinking they’ll do it!

Can the caterers do the clean up?

Let’s think about this for a second. Caterers are usually part of the biggest team on site and it’s often caterers who are looked to for the clean-up. Catering companies naturally use more of the furniture and put out more equipment that needs to be cleaned.

Many caterers we work with take on this responsibility to give added value to their client and they agree upfront that they’ll do this. It does need to be agreed upfront though, so it can be quoted for, and of course the caterer needs the right size team in place to do it.

If it’s the caterer who’s going to be responsible for breaking down tables and the event waste removal, then they will need some extra hands - and probably hands that haven’t been serving all night!

Do you need to organise a cleaner?

Another option, and one we’ve seen at many society weddings and events, is the hotel or home owner using their own team for event rubbish removal and make it convenient for the marquee company to come and remove the structure - usually on the Monday morning after a weekend event.

Organising the kit to be put away, the tables to be ready, and the marquee cleared will save any unwanted added charges for the client.

Will the other suppliers do their bit?

Often at an event like a wedding, there will be other teams on site too.

·        Will the bar staff be taking their rubbish away?

·        Are they going to clear the glasses and empty bottles from the tables?

·        Are they supplying glasses and therefore responsible for those? Particularly the cost of breakages and missing glasses

·        When will they clear up? On the day? The day after? Or later than that?

Get a skip?

Let’s say you are responsible for the event waste removal after the big night. One consideration that could work really well is actually a small skip. Discreetly hidden behind the catering tent or similar, a skip is the perfect solution to all that rubbish that will be created from a 300-strong party.

A few things to remember if you go down this route are:

·        Make sure the skip company knows that the skip needs to be hidden.

·        Book the delivery for after the marquee is erected.

·        Arrange the collection carefully around the marquee clear-up and removal and make sure access is possible.

Skips can be a godsend at a busy event but remember that you may require a recycling option too.

The last thing that you want to deal with at the end of an event is cleaning up!

Don’t leave this to chance.

Always ask: Is it me, the caterer, some cleaners, the bar company, the waiting agency, or someone else who’s responsible for the event waste removal?

Ensure you get this (ideally in writing) before your event starts. 

Make sure you know who’s responsible for leaving the venue or marquee clean and tidy. 

Who’s responsible for:

·        Packing away all the plates, cutlery, linen, and furniture?

·        Laying up the event?

·        Cleaning tables?

·        Empty bottles, food waste, balloons, streamers and other bits?

·        Lost property?

Find out what’s expected, and you’ll keep everyone happy.

Best of luck with your event! 

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