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Event Safety 101: The Importance of Using A SafeHire© Certified Catering Equipment Hire Company

May 23, 2024

When it comes to planning an event, I think we can all agree that the safety aspect is much less fun to plan versus picking out colour schemes or planning a menu that’ll wow your guests' tastebuds. However, thinking about the safety of your guests and team is absolutely vital, and not a step you want to overlook. 

From intimate gatherings to full blown soirees, the responsibility lies with event planners to create an environment where everyone feels safe and can enjoy themselves without worrying about any potential hazards. 

So, how do you plan a safe event? And why do we recommend using SafeHire© certified equipment hire companies?  

Why Is It Better To Choose An Award Winning Company? Especially a SafeHire© Certified One.

Mar 1, 2024

Whether you're organising a beautiful wedding reception or a corporate event, the quality and safety of your catering equipment can make or break the success of your event. That's where choosing an award-winning company, especially one with SafeHire certification like Plato Catering Equipment Hire, becomes so important. 

An award speaks volumes about a business. It's not simply about a shiny trophy or bragging rights; it's a reflection of a businesses’ dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence. 

Catering Equipment: Comprehensive Checklist Tailored For Event Organisers And Caterers

Feb 26, 2024

When it comes to event planning and catering, every detail matters to create a memorable experience for your guests. Whether you're an event organiser or a caterer, ensuring that you have the right catering equipment is crucial for a seamless and successful event.  

To help, we’ve created a comprehensive checklist for both event organisers and caterers, ensuring that no stone is left unturned when it comes to catering equipment needs! 

20 Ways to Promote Your Catering Business on Social Media

Oct 20, 2023

If you want to promote your catering business social media will probably be relevant. Love it or hate it, in today’s world social media is one of your essential brand awareness tools. It’s swapped out the hard sell for a genuine chat and making connections and emphasised the real importance of conversation and networking. And when it comes to promoting your catering business it’s something you need to understand. 

What to Consider When You Hire Outdoor Catering Equipment

Aug 31, 2023

There’s nothing quite as exciting as thinking ahead (no matter how far ahead that might be) and planning an outdoor event. Whether it’s a wedding, festival, or celebration, your outdoor event will need to be meticulously planned. If you’re not a fan of planning, that might sound a bit dull, but the more groundwork you do now, the more you can enjoy the big day. 

How Many Drinking Glasses Do I Need For My Event?

May 3, 2023

Organising an event is an exciting time. All the invites, colours, the theme – it’s a really involving process. If this is your first event, you’ll soon discover that there are lots of things you didn’t even consider until you get into the planning stage! 

In this blog we’re helping you with all things glass hire, including how many glasses you need for your event and even what type of glasses you need to consider. 

Why You Should Look at Catering Equipment Hire as More than ‘Just a Hire’

Apr 10, 2023

It’s the day before your event. You’ve got everything prepared, and you’re ready to enjoy it. You’ve got an itinerary of the itinerary, a to-do list for the to-do list lists and you’ve organised the organisers. Even the weather is looking positive and not one person has cancelled. It’s a dream event come true. What could possibly go wrong? 

Commercial Catering Equipment Hire For Large Venues

Mar 15, 2023

As a leading catering equipment hire company in the UK, we understand that planning an event can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to ensuring that you have all the equipment you need. That’s why we’ve put together this blog to help you understand what you need to consider when hiring catering equipment for large venues. 

Organising and Managing Catering Equipment Hire For Multiple Events

Feb 7, 2023

Catering is a fast-paced industry, and with so many moving parts, it can be challenging to keep track of everything. When it comes to events, caterers are expected to deliver flawless service with the right equipment, and on time. However, with the rush of things, it can be challenging to keep track of what was used in previous events, or what equipment is due for maintenance. 

The Future Of Catering Equipment Hire: Predictions and Trends

Jan 30, 2023

As the catering industry continues to evolve, it's always exciting to see what new trends and technologies will emerge in the world of catering equipment hire. From new and innovative equipment to sustainable practices, there's a lot to look forward to in the future of catering. 

Let's dive into the current trends in catering equipment hire.  

Young girl with fairy lights wrapped over her head with a massive smile

With The Right Event Space Decor, No Venue Need Look Dull!

Dec 7, 2022

Here at Plato Catering Hire, we love working events, and since 1999 we’ve enjoyed playing a vital role in thousands of them. We get to meet all sorts of other companies in the event industry, and we love sharing trade tips and tricks. Take event space decor for example. Much of our work as a catering equipment hire company happens before the event starts, so we get to see some amazing venue transformations. It’s fantastic how the event space decor can magically make a dull venue look amazing. 

Fridge Hire: When You Need One And What You Need To Consider

Fridge Hire: When You Need One And What You Need To Consider

Nov 30, 2022

The fridge is typically the most used and relied upon item in a commercial kitchen. It’s responsible for preserving hundreds or thousands ⁠of pounds worth of stock. A commercial display fridge is one of the most important investments you’ll make in the food and catering industry so finding a high-quality refrigerator that works for you will require some research. If you’re ticking off your event planning checklist, then safe and reliable refrigeration equipment hire should be top of your list.


The Importance of Being Safehire certified

All About SafeHire

Dec 2, 2021

When you’re hiring for an event, you’ll no doubt have a big list of the items you need to hire to make it a real success. You’ll also no doubt have a budget and a preferred list of suppliers. All that needs to fit into place.

5 Of The Top Hangover Tips Everybody Needs To Know

Jan 24, 2023

With wedding season just around the corner and those not doing dry January, we are too familiar with the effects of a wild night out. Maybe you’ll have a few cocktails or too many shots. Don't worry, we've all been there. Hangovers can be a real pain, but there are things you can do to help ease the symptoms and get back to feeling like yourself. In this blog, we'll share 5 of the top hangover tips that everybody needs to know. These tips will help you recover and get back to your normal routine in no time. So, grab a glass of water and let's get started on feeling better! 

Festive catering hire

How To Find The Right Event Equipment Hire For Hosting Corporate Christmas Parties

Nov 17, 2022

Exemplary service is something that matters greatly to us. When we set up the Plato Hire business we decided right from the start that we’d aim to give the very best possible service. This means that we understand why you expect the same for your guests at your events. Christmas events are, of course, no different: you want to be hosting a festive celebration that your guests remember for all the right reasons.


Event Planning Checklist

Event Planning Checklist

Nov 7, 2022

There’s a lot that goes into arranging an event. Whether it’s a simple gathering, a party, a corporate function or a wedding, there are many different elements that need careful consideration. Whether you’ve been planning events for years or you’re just starting out, we can all benefit from a little reminder about best practice. Here’s our event planning checklist to help you out.

Why Quality Catering Equipment Is Worth Every Penny

Why Quality Catering Equipment Is Worth Every Penny

Sep 6, 2022

You're hosting an event at a 5-star hotel. At first, you think everything is going smoothly. But wait. People are starting to notice some issues. The plates look cheap, the cutlery is blunt and smells metallic, the tablecloths are fraying, and the oven has just packed in. You're wishing you'd spent a little more money on quality catering equipment now, but it's too late. The event is falling apart and your 5* reviews on Google and Facebook are down to 3.5 stars, if that. And that’s just one reason why quality catering equipment is worth every penny. 

How Logistics Can Make or Break an Event - The Importance of Timings

Aug 30, 2022

In the world of event planning, logistics might be the most important factor. The success of your event depends on several factors, including the event platform you choose, the quality of the recording equipment you invest in, the location you select, and the hotels you partner with. Your faultless organisation of the event's logistics greatly boosts the quality of the experience for those involved. 
We'll cover the fundamentals of event logistics, and how Plato Hire can help you give your guests an experience they'll never forget. 


High-Quality Catering Equipment Hire for Any Outdoor Event

Aug 22, 2022

While the idea of planning an outdoor event in the UK can be nerve-wracking because of the unpredictable nature of British weather, you shouldn’t need to worry about the reliability of the catering equipment you hire. You just need to find the right provider who can supply high-quality and reliable equipment.


What Types of Events do we Hire to?

Jul 11, 2022

At Plato Catering Hire, there’s no limit to the kind of event we can hire out to. We pride ourselves on helping our clients to create memorable events of all sizes.

Whether you’re planning an event in a hotel setting or a private marquee, our equipment hire services have been designed to cater for all. Whether it’s glass hire, cutlery hire, catering equipment hire, crockery hire, table linen hire or furniture hire you’re looking for, you can rest assured your items have been professionally cleaned, PAT tested, polished and quality checked. We’ll even do the washing up afterwards.

So, what kind of events do we cater for?

Greener event


Jul 4, 2022

Whether it’s a wedding, a networking meeting, or a corporate function you’re celebrating, we’ve got the perfect eco friendly event ideas to help! Events can consume a lot of energy and produce lots of waste. They have a big carbon footprint and people are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of the events they’re hosting – so what can be done about it to make it an eco friendly event?

Everything you need to know about PAT testing


Jun 27, 2022

“You PAT Test every piece of equipment every time it goes out on hire?”

Yes, absolutely we do.

We hear this statement at least once a week if not more, which is promising, as it shows how many people do care about the safety of the equipment they’re using. But for those who don’t know, we thought we’d explain exactly what PAT testing is and why you need it.

How to Have an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Eco friendly wedding ideas

Jun 21, 2022

When planning a wedding, it is becoming more popular to think of the planet and opt for something greener. In this post we will share some of our eco friendly wedding ideas to make sure your big day is great for the planet as well as you.

There are so many things to consider and with flowers, seating plans and a dress to sort out, it’s no surprise that sustainability may be low on the list of your priorities.

However, planning an eco-friendly wedding doesn’t have to be hard work, as it’s so easy to incorporate ‘greener’ thinking from the beginning. You can easily cut down your waste without missing out on any important details. Here are some tips on how to have an eco-friendly wedding and to make sure your big day doesn’t have a negative effect on the environment. 

What Is a Temporary Event Notice?

when is a temporary event notice required?

Jun 7, 2022

When you’re holding an event, it’s worth asking when is a Temporary Event Notice required and if you’re going to need one. It’s all well and good letting your neighbours know that you’re holding an event and to make allowances for the noise. It’s important to be aware of any other requirements depending on what you’re going to be doing, where you’re going to be doing it and how many people will be attending.

It All Started With a Bet

Mar 23, 2022

Have you ever wondered how our business started? You may be very surprised to find out! 

Should You Buy Or Hire Your Catering Equipment? - 11 Proven Reasons To Hire

Feb 15, 2022

When you’re setting up a catering business there are many questions you will ask yourself (aside from, “why did I decide to do this?!”). Seriously though, from set-up costs, to brand, website, investment, and the type of events you’ll do, there will be some big questions to ask and many problems to solve.

Hiring electrical items for your event

Electrical Equipment Hire for Your Event? Remember to Have a Lightbulb Moment

Feb 7, 2022

You’ve booked your marquee, planned the menu, and sorted your electrical equipment hire. Everything is prepared for your next successful event well in advance. What’s the one last thing you should remember to pack?

We’re going to tell you a little tip that we learnt from a groundsman at an event a few years ago – and we think it’s a blinder.


Looking after your gas cylinder on site

Safe storage of gas cylinders Gas Cylinders On-site

Feb 7, 2022

If there’s one thing we talk a lot about, it’s health and safety. And rightly so, especially when you’re catering to the public. It’s a priority for us at Plato Hire, so it’s always worth talking about the importance of looking after equipment properly.

Ways to Promote Your Catering Company on Social Media

Ways to Promote Your Catering Company On Social Media

Jan 28, 2022

Social media matters. Love it or hate it, in today’s world social media is one of your essential marketing tools. And over the last two years, the value of keeping up your online presence was made even clearer when it became, for many, the only way to stay in touch with your customers.

Hire cheap, pay twice

Hire Cheap, Pay Twice? Why Cheap CateringHire Equipment is Best Avoided

Jan 24, 2022

As every business owner knows, customer reviews are important. Certainly, in the event equipment hire industry even one negative experience for one customer can shake the confidence of future bookings. And, as we know, it’s not just the experience of the host; it’s every guest that counts too.

Event Furniture Hire

Dec 17, 2021

Whether you’re planning an awards evening, a wedding, a networking event, a conference, or a party, you’re going to need furniture. The question on most suppliers’ lips, however, is just how much. Unless you’ve been planning events for years and years, it’s quite normal to get stuck every now and again. Every occasion and location will be different from the next, so it’s key to have a reliable event furniture hire company, like Plato Hire, to hand.

Introduction to The Hire Awards of Excellence

Dec 17, 2021

At Plato, we love a great celebration and are lucky enough to play a part in many fantastic events. There is, however, one celebration that we strive to be a part of each year, and that’s the Hire Awards of Excellence.

Today, we’re going to be talking about our experience as a Hire Awards of Excellence repeat finalist, the importance of being SafeHire© certified, and why you should be looking for the award certification next time you need event hire equipment.

Wedding Furniture Hire - All You Need to Know

Nov 19, 2021

Planning a wedding can be equal parts stressful and fun. It requires a lot of thought and attention to detail in order to organise the perfect day.

As part of this, you may need to consider hiring wedding furniture. We know – it’s not particularly exciting, but it’s these smaller details that can absolutely make your big day.

How much furniture you need to order will depend on your guest numbers, wedding venue and a few other factors. So, let’s take a closer look!

Cocktail Ideas for Weddings

Cocktails Ideas for Weddings

Sep 17, 2021

Is any wedding truly complete without a show-stopping cocktail menu?

Many couples are opting to include cocktails throughout their big day, and for good reason. From the welcome drinks to the reception, cocktails can give your wedding a memorable edge.

Whether you’re looking for something fun and exciting, or subtle and classy, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails for Weddings

Non-Alcoholic Drinks ideas for Weddings

Sep 15, 2021

Your big wedding day is coming up and you’ve sorted the alcoholic drinks menu. But you’re lost for ideas for what to serve the guests who are staying sober, aren’t you?

Don’t panic!

There are plenty of non-alcoholic drinks ideas (which are just as delicious and extravagant) that your guests can toast with instead.

Choosing Local Beer For You Wedding In Warwickshire

Choosing Local Beer for Your Wedding in Warwickshire

Jul 27, 2021

There are so many elements that go towards making a wedding as special and memorable as possible.

One of them, undoubtedly, is the beverages on offer. And the good news these days is that there are a huge number of options when it comes to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments that’ll keep everyone happy.

Some Evening Wedding Food Ideas to Whet Your Appetite

Jul 13, 2021

Let’s not beat around the bush - one of the most exciting elements of any wedding is the food. Whether it’s from a food truck or traditional catering, it’s one element that’s often spoken about for years to come.

However, if you’re bored of the usual sit-down three-course meal, you might be after something a little more exciting for your own wedding.

How to Hire a Caterer for an Event

Jul 8, 2021

Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday celebration, or just fancy getting everyone together for a good, old-fashioned knees-up, catering may not be at the top of your list.

After all, you can just do it yourself, can’t you? It’s just a case of preparing a bit of food, serving it on the day, and then lobbing everything into bin bags once everyone has cleared off.

Planning a Big BBQ? Here Are Some Smoking Hot Tips

Jun 9, 2021

Have you ever heard of Francis Mallmann? He’s a pretty big deal in the BBQ world. So big, in fact, that he’s cooked for David Beckham and the King of Spain.

He also runs the farthest-flung cookery school in South America where he reveals how to smoke meat (properly) and the art of combining flavours while cooking outdoors.

Will Changes from the Law Commission Give You More Wedding Venue Choices?

May 27, 2021

Did you know that there are laws which dictate where and how you can get married?

These outdated laws were originally formed in 1836 and most of them still exist today - unbeknownst to many soon-to-be-wed couples. But recent proposals for reform look set to abolish many of the old laws and make it not only easier to get married - but cheaper to do so, too.


The Importance of Hygiene in Catering Hire

May 24, 2021

Hygiene has always been very important in the catering industry.

Just think about how many events a single plate, knife, or fork takes part in. When hired from a professional catering company, they’ll have passed through the hands of thousands of people.

It’s why professional cleaning is just as important as professional hire.

SafeHire Event Equipment Hire Company of the Year

May 21, 2021

We are excited to announce that Plato Catering Hire is the 2021 WINNER of SafeHire Event Equipment Hire Company of the Year!

It’s been a very difficult year for a lot of us. Our industry has been closed down and events have been the last thing on anyone’s mind.

That’s why I’m extremely proud of the team and the feat that we’ve managed to achieve after spending the majority of the year in lockdown.

What to Consider When Rebooking a COVID-Cancelled Event

May 14, 2021

It feels really close, doesn’t it? We’re hoping that normality - in whatever form that takes - is approaching for the UK.

Speak to anyone in the events industry and you’re likely to be met with plenty of overdue optimism. It’s been a tough time for the sector, but with lockdown finally easing, parties, events, and delayed weddings can finally re-enter the diary

Alfresco Events

Post Lockdown Dining: The Surge of Alfresco?

Mar 22, 2021

So, folks, it looks like we’ll be doing a lot more dining outside this year and beyond.

How wonderful!

In fact, it’s hard to think of a better way to eat with friends, family, and business colleagues. Once the warmer months arrive, everyone always scrambles for any available outdoor space, therefore why shouldn’t we make alfresco dining more of a habit?

Bridgerton Wedding Ideas: Could this be Your Future Wedding Theme?

Mar 10, 2021

If there’s one thing the constant lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 have forced many of us to do, it’s spend more time watching TV.

As always, there are certain shows which steal the limelight and, arguably, Netflix’s Bridgerton has taken up more of the nation’s time than any other binge-worthy boxset.

After All This... We're Gonna Party Like it's 1999!

Jan 26, 2021

Ah, parties. Remember them? Remember when they weren’t conducted over a screen and you could actually hug people, share the same space, and sing as loud as you wanted to?

Those times will return. Remember - every jab in the arm is one jab closer to restrictions being lifted and you being able to finally get those postponed parties back in the diary.

The Ultimate List of Gin Cocktail Names

The Ultimate List of Gin Cocktail Names

Oct 17, 2020

Head to any bar or pub and you’ll probably see large gin cocktails being enjoyed. It really is the thing to drink right now.

The humble juniper berry is now celebrated all over the world at tastings, festivals, and even bars which are completely dedicated to the drink. Who’d have thought a ‘gin bar’ would become a ‘thing’!

Are Small Weddings and Venues Really a Better Choice?

Sep 11, 2020

Getting married brings thoughts and visions of grand venues, large family gatherings, and scenes from movies like Father of the Bride or maybe the Wedding Planner. But putting grand wedding scenes aside for a minute, do weddings have to be large, or can you have a splendidly small wedding instead?

Planning a UK Wedding

Aug 23, 2020

Planning a UK wedding is an exciting but detailed task. It’s not until you start to look into what’s involved that you realise that you’re going to need ninja planning skills and a good team around you. If you’re recently got engaged then Congratulations, and then welcome to the rather large job of planning the wedding.

Glass Hire for Your Event – Which Glasses do You Need?

Aug 7, 2020

Organising an event can be an exciting time. All the invites, colours, the theme – it’s a really involving process. If this is your first event, you’ll soon discover that there are lots of things you didn’t even consider until you get into the planning stage.

Wedding throwing bouquet

Getting Back to Business Securely and Covid-19 Safe

Jul 24, 2020

The events industry is licking its wounds right now but there’s an air of excitement as we finally spot the green shoots of our industry, thanks to the relaxation of lockdown and new guidance being introduced.

The summer of 2020 will certainly go down as one of the quietest summers in our 20+ year history, but summer 2021 is looking like a cracker so there’s some real hope and excitement building here and in the events world.

wedding equipment hire

Outdoor Hospitality isn’t Just Beer Gardens, Boris: A Plea to the UK Government

Jun 23, 2020

At Plato we’ve remained positive throughout lockdown. What else can you do when your industry is decimated by a global pandemic? Aside from all the seriousness of the virus and the global crash, there have been many positives (like cleaner air, more family time and reflection) and we, like many in the events industry, have held on to that.

couple dressed in wedding outfits

Planning to get Married this Year? Here’s What You Need to Consider During UK Lockdown

Jun 16, 2020

2020 has certainly thrown a spanner in the works of the wedding world. Business here is far from being as usual. The events industry has been paused and that’s given us an unplanned rest and some challenges, too.

The wedding season is currently on hold and brides and grooms across the country are waiting (as we are) for news on when small events and indeed larger gatherings can take place again.

Hoping to get married in 2020? Here are some plans and thoughts to put in place now to help you steer through these rocky waters…

having two weddings

Having Two Weddings (A Sequel Wedding) and How Can You Make the Most of One

Jun 4, 2020

On July 17th 2020, Boris Johnson finally announced that COVID secure wedding receptions for up to 30 people can take place from 1 August. In his update he said, "We will also allow wedding receptions for up to 30 people. All of these measures for 1 August should be done in a Covid Secure way."

Furthermore he hinted that weddings of slightly larger sizes are on the return from October 1st, with news of larger venues also opening up. In addition, close contact businesses like beauticians will also be opening up, too!

And then from November there is the possibility that we'll have more of a return to normality. Find the full Downing Street update here.

Six Good Reasons to Consider a Winter Wedding in 2020

Six Good Reasons to Consider a Winter Wedding in 2020 and Winter Wedding Equipment Hire

Apr 9, 2020

As we write this, we’re looking at a quiet summer for the event and wedding equipment hire industry. The Coronavirus has had a huge impact on almost every aspect of life and business. We don’t wish to be all “woe is us” - far from it - but the events industry has certainly been all but temporarily closed down while we’re under lockdown.

Many events have been postponed, but some will have been cancelled from the 2020 calendar altogether which is a massive shame for all involved. Some can’t be cancelled though, and although we’re hearing tongue-in-cheek predictions about higher divorce rates due to lockdown, some weddings that were due to happen in spring/summer will be postponed and this could well lead for a busy autumn/winter wedding season.

event crockery hire

What Crockery Hire do I Need for My Event?

Mar 16, 2020

No matter the theme or type of event you’re organising, there’s a high chance that you’ll be serving food and will need to think about what crockery hire you require. Food is so closely entwined with meeting up, celebrating, and even saying goodbye to a loved one that it’s nearly always the centrepiece of the event.

Excellence 2020 award

Plato Hire Nominated for Hire Awards of Excellence 2020 Award

Mar 12, 2020

For years, the hire industry was crying out for quality standards. As with many industries and sectors, the world of hire needed a benchmark and a symbol for those within it to show that they care about the quality and outcome of their service.

That’s why the creation of the Hire Association Europe (HAE), and the Event Hire Association (EHA) has been so great for the industry. The Hire Awards of Excellence celebrate the highest quality in the hire world and this helps to push the standards up, giving greater services and products to all.

wedding chair sashes

Hiring Wedding Chair Sashes for Your Big Day

Jan 10, 2020

One of the items on your wedding list could well be wedding chair sashes and you may be considering chair sash hire but can't decide if this is really necessary. This is why we have created this guide to explain why you need to hire wedding chair sashes for your big day.

Planning your wedding drinks guide

Champagne Toast Calculator and Event Drinks Guide

Dec 4, 2019

Planning the drinks for an event is important but not usually at the top of your To Do list. It’s not always the main part of an event, and of course the reason for the celebration should be forefront in the minds of the organisers or guests, but the drinks are important if you want your guests to feel welcome and relaxed.  

The Best Cocktails for Your Wedding Reception - Nine Easy-to-Make Drinks

Nov 1, 2019

Aside from the usual drinks like champagne, wine, and beer though, many couples opt for cocktails, even at the reception. Cocktails have come back into favour and, just like Prosecco, they’re often more popular with guests, and more cost-effective for the hosts, so they really are a win/win.

How to Choose a Good Catering Equipment Hire Company for Your Next Event

Mar 22, 2019

Getting everything just right at an event can be a challenge and a lot of that comes down to logistics. When you’re planning on serving hundreds of people and something doesn’t arrive, doesn’t work, or there simply isn’t enough of something – that’s when the trouble starts!

What Linen Do I Need To Hire For My Event?

Feb 26, 2019

After you’ve sorted your crockery, glassware, and cooking equipment for your client’s event, you’ll want to make sure all that hard work is framed perfectly with crisp linen to cover the tables you’ve hired in for them.

What size generator do I need for my event?

What Size Generator Do I Need For My Event?

Jan 21, 2019

Some of the most important things we’re asked by caterers before or during events are often around the subject of power and the larger pieces of equipment that we hire like ovens and hot cupboards.

Struggling For Space At Your Event? Bowl Food Is The Answer

Jan 8, 2019

As you know, not all venues are the same and some simply won’t be able to house all the guests in a sit down meal. Bowl food is a great solution, but if your client is struggling to see the concept of bowl food and the benefit to an event struggling for space…

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