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Hire Cheap, Pay Twice? Why Cheap CateringHire Equipment is Best Avoided

Hire cheap, pay twice

As every business owner knows, customer reviews are important. Certainly, in the event equipment hire industry even one negative experience for one customer can shake the confidence of future bookings. And, as we know, it’s not just the experience of the host; it’s every guest that counts too.

If you’re in the industry, you’ll know that every cog in the wheel matters. If a guest has a bad experience in your venue, they don’t know that the catering was supplied separately, or the equipment came from a third party.

And even if they are told that another company failed to deliver enough glasses, who takes the blame for choosing that supplier? That’s why you need total confidence in the people you work with, from the hire of the oven to the glassware and table linen.


What matters more here; the best service or the cheapest price?

At Plato Catering Hire we made the decision from the very beginning, back in 1999, that our aim would be to give the very best possible service. We’re not competing with others over the price, nor trying to be the cheapest around. It’s always been a clear choice for us, and it’s not because we’re greedy. It’s because we value our service and reputation.

Today, the first place customers will turn to is the internet. It’s easy to do a price comparison and, on the face of it, you can hire the same things from other people as you can from us, and possibly for less. But, that’s not all you need to consider.


The question you need to ask is, why is one company cheaper than another?

If two businesses are offering the same service, how can one be offering cheap catering hire equipment and the other not? The truth is that often it’s down to cutting corners – the hidden details that you might not be aware of until something goes wrong.

Consider the catering equipment that we hire out to venues and catering companies. We thoroughly clean every piece after each use and check it before it’s hired out by you. That means you don’t need to clean it yourself or worry about it failing during your event.

Cleaning machinery takes time. PAT testing equipment every time it’s returned to us costs resources and money. Other hire services may think that it’s not really necessary. After all, home appliances are never checked, and they work for a long time. So, they choose not to do it as often. Or, more worryingly, at all.

We disagree. Safety and reliability matters. We’ve all heard stories in the hire industry. Imagine being the people who –

  • Had to wash up frantically throughout the night as the organisers hadn’t ordered enough glasses.
  • Ruined the happy couple’s first dance when the overloaded house electrics gave up.
  • Couldn’t deliver your highest standards of catering, because the oven failed.
  • Had to call the fire brigade, putting an abrupt end to the event

And it isn’t just about safety, although we know you’ll consider that as important as we do. By offering the best service, we’re also saving you time and money in other ways. We hand-polish and hand-finish all of our glassware and cutlery, ready to be placed directly on the table, because we understand that our standards reflect on your venue. It also means that you can place them straight onto the tables, saving you time and labour costs.


Mistakes and bad planning can cost you more than just money

A cheaper business has to save themselves money somewhere, even if, and hopefully not in the safety department with cheap catering hire equipment. So, it’s important to compare the quotes you’re getting and see if they are really like-for-like.

Things to look out for in the quote:

  • Have they included a wash-up charge?
  • Is delivery and collection included?
  • Will they be adding VAT?
  • Are quantities the same as other quotes?
  • Are they easily contactable throughout the process?
  • Is everything clean and tested?
  • What’s the breakage policy?
  • Do they have testimonials?

Is the company you’re considering reliable? Do they deliver your hired goods in well-maintained vans or knacked old bangers that might not make it?

Do they have high standards in health and safety, or is their cost-cutting risking your venue?

Are their quotes clear and detailed, or vague with plenty of room for ‘translation’?


Pay a little more to get a lot more

At Plato Hire we’re extremely proud of the service we provide. That’s why you can find us easily online, where you can read plenty of reviews from genuine customers who’ve returned to us year after year. We’re not hiding anything; our testimonials speak for themselves.

We’re also a part of SafeHire©. In fact, most recently we were finalists in the Hire Association Europe Hire Awards of Excellence in 2020 and winners in 2021. Being SafeHire Certified means that we’re audited every year. SafeHire is operated by the Hire Association Europe (HAE), the internationally recognised leading body for the development of the Hire and Rental Industry. SafeHire© Certification was developed and written with the assistance of BSI - The British Standards Institution; HSE - Health and Safety Executive and CHAS. Yes, being certified costs money other businesses might not want to pay, but we know we’re worth it and our delighted customers agree.

We buy the best equipment, and we care for it, clean it, and store it properly. We consider your safety to be our responsibility. And we know that your event, the client you’re catering for, the venue you’re supplying, is relying on our performance.

We understand that we do not offer cheap catering hire equipment. We don’t ever intend to.  We’re one of the best in the country, and that’s where we intend to stay.

The question is, who do you want to trust with your business?

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