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Wedding equipment hire

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Read about everything you need to consider and see how we can help you with wedding equipment hire

When you take a tour around a wedding venue, you’ll be surprised (at first) at how much they cost. But once you start looking into what goes into organising the wedding breakfast and celebrations, you’ll soon see why.

A wedding celebration is a big undertaking and if you’re currently researching it, you’ll be starting to realise that. Reputable wedding venues know how to run a wedding to time and they have much of what you need in place already.

But if you’re more into the idea of a barn wedding, farm wedding, or wedding in your own garden, field, or local village hall, then you’re not alone. Many wedding couples are now heading to a farm or similar venue for that homemade and bespoke experience which looks and feels very different from a hotel or traditional wedding venue.

There’s A LOT to consider though and having spent 20 years in the wedding equipment hire space, we felt it was only fair to list everything we could think of that you might want to start thinking about, planning and adding to your ‘must do’ list.


We’re going to cover eight key areas for planning a wedding breakfast and you can find them all link below.

Have fun!

Farm wedding in Warwickshire

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You don’t always have to head to a hotel where it’s all covered for you though, and if you’re not heading for a hotel or traditional wedding venue, then you have so many other options.


planning your wedding theme guide

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Your wedding theme will help you in so many decisions as you can theme almost all your event around it. From the food and drink, to venue, invites, dresses, suits and entertainment - the wedding theme will drive it.


planning your wedding schedule

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A well-organised event can only happen when someone controls the timing. Even a simple wedding needs things to happen at certain times to avoid ruining dinner, having a band set-up on time, or for the carriages to be arriving at the end of the party, not as it begins!


planning your wedding food

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Most big events are centred around a big meal and a wedding is certainly no different. The food is a significant part of the wedding day because it’s the first proper meal together as a couple. It’s clearly a good idea to make sure it’s a good one!


Planning your wedding drinks

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No wedding is complete without a good drink to toast to the happy couple. From reception to dinner and the evening party – you’ll need some good drinks to lubricate the guests. You’ll need drinks to welcome, wine wash down the food, and then some to add some extra dancing moves to the dancefloor!


wedding equipment hire

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If you’re planning the entire event yourself then you’re about to be thrown into the world of equipment hire. It’s a big topic as you can see from the below, but the good news is that with SafeHire Certified companies like ours, you’ll be in good hands.


planning your wedding entertainment

Wedding entertainment - [Read more]

There’s nothing like a flat hour of not much at all to change the mood of an event. Some guests will amuse themselves, but it’s best to have some activities in place to ensure your wedding day vibes stay uplifted. Entertainment is an important part of any event planning so we’ve listed some ideas below to help you use the power of entertainment to keep that happy vibe going all day and night.


Farm wedding in Warwickshire

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Once you have your wedding theme set you’ll be able to choose all manner of wares for the perfect day outside in your garden, village green, or even a rented space for weddings.

Let’s take a look at the main areas to consider and give you some ideas for planning your outside wedding.


Good luck and have an incredible day!

We’ve been hiring catering equipment in Birmingham, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, The Cotswolds and West Midlands for over 20 years.

We’ve seen our fair share of weddings and this gives us the insight and expertise to ask the right questions to give you exactly what you need for your big day.

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