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Planning your Wedding Theme

planning your wedding themeq

The theme of your wedding is really important, and this might even set the decision for your wedding venue so you may well want to think about this before you choose your venue, especially if you’re planning on choosing a venue where you have more control over the decoration, catering, lighting, entertainment and more.

This theme is much like a brand for a company. Having it in place will drive the decisions for everything going forward from the wedding invites to the cars, suits, dress, flowers, food, and even the reception drinks.

It might sound a bit over the top to have a theme for your wedding, but it really does make almost all the decisions so much easier as you have a theme – a starting point – to work from.

Your wedding theme will help you in so many decisions as you can theme almost all your event around it. From the food and drink, to venue, invites, dresses, suits and entertainment - the wedding theme will drive it.

So, if you’ve not yet set a theme – set one!

Planning your Wedding Theme - ideas to start

planning your wedding theme guide

How do you come up with a wedding theme?

Inspiration for the theme can come from anywhere. Just something you both love or something you’ve connected over. It doesn’t have to be a complete theme in itself, but more inspiration for your theme.

Ideas for your wedding theme can come from:

  • Your first date.
  • A favourite city break.
  • Favourite music or band.
  • First holiday together.
  • Where you proposed.
  • Your favourite fashion or clothing style.
  • A favourite movie.
  • Your first cinema trip.
  • A love of a topic like arts, music, or something more adventurous.
  • Horticulture (flowers, scents, colours).
  • Star Wars (we’ve seen it all, trust us).

The point is, this needs to be something that resonates and runs deep in both of you. It’s a creation and something that will mean so much to you. If that’s the pix and mix at your local cinema then… well… you go for it!

Ideally, your theme needs to be able to have a lot of strands to it and can apply itself to the different areas of your wedding.

Here’s some inspiration on how to choose for your wedding theme

Weddings F1

How your wedding theme works for your wedding planning

Your theme can be applied throughout the venue from flowers, to linen, to table decorations and even the music so it’s worth getting it right and setting it in place now.

There are so many areas of your wedding that will be easier to buy and budget for thanks to having a theme, that you’ll be really blessed to have it in place with the venue. It all slots into place once you’ve both agree what your theme is.

Here are just some of the wedding ‘to dos’ that you can apply your theme to:

  • Flowers
  • Linen for the table
  • Chair covers
  • Table decorations
  • Music for the reception
  • First dance
  • Evening music
  • Reception drinks
  • Table names
  • Food menu
  • Venue itself
  • Wedding cars
  • Invites and wedding stationary
  • Suit hire
  • Colours
  • Textures
  • Readings
  • Pinterest boards
  • Facebook events

… you really could keep going!

Get a theme in place and you’ll be good to go with your planning at every level

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Looking for more ideas for your theme? Check out our Pinterest board below...

Wedding theme board

Here are eight key areas for planning a wedding breakfast. There’s also a wedding day schedule timetable that you can download and you can also download the entire guide in a simple PDF with links to all the sections.

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