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Weddings Post Lockdown – Twice as Nice?

Jun 4, 2020

2020 is certainly going to go down as one of the most disruptive years on record. Alongside the travel industry, the events world is still in a spin and there’s some confusion over rules being updated and when different activities will be allowed.  

That said, as the days and weeks roll on, we are getting closer to being able to hold events and of course – get married!

As it stands, a wedding is too big an event to have post lockdown, and with other areas like honeymoons affecting the ‘standard’ wedding, it’s time to rethink and get creative.

Could there be a positive to all this? Yes, absolutely!

Six Good Reasons to Consider a Winter Wedding in 2020

Six Good Reasons to Consider a Winter Wedding in 2020

Apr 9, 2020

As we write this, we’re looking at a quiet summer for the event industry. The Coronavirus has had a huge impact on almost every aspect of life and business.  We don’t wish to be all “woe is us” - far from it - but the events industry has certainly been all but temporarily closed down while we’re under lockdown.

Many events have been postponed, but some will have been cancelled from the 2020 calendar altogether which is a massive shame for all involved. Some can’t be cancelled though, and although we’re hearing tongue-in-cheek predictions about higher divorce rates due to lockdown, some weddings that were due to happen in spring/summer will be postponed and this could well lead for a busy autumn/winter wedding season.

The Best Cocktails for Your Wedding Reception - Nine Easy-to-Make Drinks

Nov 1, 2019

Aside from the usual drinks like champagne, wine, and beer though, many couples opt for cocktails, even at the reception. Cocktails have come back into favour and, just like Prosecco, they’re often more popular with guests, and more cost-effective for the hosts, so they really are a win/win.

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