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Fridge Hire: When You Need One And What You Need To Consider

Fridge Hire: When You Need One And What You Need To Consider

The fridge is typically the most used and relied upon item in a commercial kitchen. It’s responsible for preserving hundreds or thousands ⁠of pounds worth of stock. A commercial display fridge is one of the most important investments you’ll make in the food and catering industry so finding a high-quality refrigerator that works for you will require some research. If you’re ticking off your event planning checklist, then safe and reliable refrigeration equipment hire should be top of your list.



What are the different commercial fridge hire options?

Each of these options for fridge hire has its own specific uses, so if you know what you need, it’ll be easier for you to know which piece of equipment will suit you best. If you’re still in the planning stages, then this article may help you decide which refrigeration equipment you need.



These are the most common types of fridges and are used all over the catering world.  They are larger versions of fridges that are in most homes. These reach-ins are more powerful than the domestic style of fridges. They have a higher cooling power and more storage space. These commercial reach-ins also give you the choice of glass or metal doors that are either hinged or sliding.

Reach-ins tend to be placed within the kitchen prep area to give the chefs and kitchen staff easy and effective access.



As the name suggests, these are an area of chilled storage that people can walk straight into and they can vary in size and shape. It’s easier to keep things chilled and saves energy as you’re able to shut the door behind you whilst collecting your stock. Walk-ins tend to be placed near the delivery area. This makes it easier for staff to move large amounts of food straight into the refrigerator. Once the stock has been placed in the walk-in, the kitchen team can then move the items to where it needs to be. 


Cold servery units

Prep tables allow chefs and the kitchen team to quickly and easily pick up the ingredients that they need. Think of a deli or a salad bar where the ingredients are kept in chilled storage. This kind of storage allows the food to stay at a chilled temperature while keeping them easy to access. These tables usually have a reach-in or under-counter fridge section for extra storage.


Refrigerated servery

Similar to reach-in fridges, under-counter refrigerators give easy access to produce to staff members. No prizes for guessing where these fridges get their name from! These types of commercial kitchen refrigeration equipment can be installed directly under a prep table counter or kitchen counter. These fridges tend to be found in smaller venues, such as concession stands and food vans. 

In larger kitchens, they can be used for storing produce that’s used often, and they can be refilled with the produce from the larger walk-ins or reach-ins. Having everything at arm’s reach means your team aren’t running between different sections constantly and this will improve efficiency.

Certain under-counter refrigeration units can actually have worktops built on top. That means you can actually carry out prep on top of the fridge, creating a multi-use piece of equipment. 


Bar refrigeration

Bar refrigeration is important, especially if you’re using ice! There are many styles available depending on how visible the refrigeration will be, and if space is limited, there are bar refrigeration units that have horizontal sliding doors at the top, which means you can reach down rather than opening a door in a cramped space.



What about food safety?

A refrigerator is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the kitchen for keeping food safe. If the power goes off or the unit fails, then the safety of the food is put at risk, as refrigeration slows bacterial growth. You need to ensure your equipment is up to standard, and fit for purpose, which is why hiring your fridge from a trusted source is so important to keep the food, and the people, safe.



Also, it might be that you don’t just need to hire a fridge, you might also need to consider freezer hire. We have both chest freezers and upright freezers to choose from so you find the right freezer to fit the space and location of your event.



When hiring equipment from Plato, you can be safe in the knowledge that any electrical equipment is PAT tested before it’s hired out. Plato is also a member of the SafeHire Certification Scheme, which means we have a proven competence in safety, health, environment, and quality. This ensures you’ll receive the highest possible quality of service and catering equipment hire.



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