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It All Started With a Bet

Have you ever wondered how our business started? You may be very surprised to find out! 

A £2 bet 

That’s right! It all started with a £2 bet. One that would change our lives forever.  

It was New Year’s Day 1999. Stuart and Lynn Slaughter – that’s us! - were out for a New Year’s lunch in rural Warwickshire. During our lunch, a bet took place.  

Stuart’s father asked who around the table could make the most money from a £2 coin by Millennium Day.  

We were keen to take on the challenge! 

It may not have been a big bet, but it led to millions of miles, thousands of customers, and hundreds of products… it caused a dream to come true! 


October 1999 

By October 1999, having spent a bit more than the £2 coin, Lynn and I had bought a small tool hire company in Stratford Upon Avon. With 100 plates, no wash-up facility and absolutely no technology. 

So, we changed the name and ditched the chainsaws, drills, strimmers and anything else dangerous and just kept the plates and a few glasses.  The business went from a tool hire company to Plato Catering Hire.  

By 2000, we hoped to have made back our investment (which was a little more than the initial £2 bet!) And we did! 

It started with a bet - Plato Catering Hire


Fast-forward to just over 23 years after that eventful lunch, and we’re pleased to say we think we won the bet!  

And that’s not the only thing we won… In 2017 and 2021, we were the winners of the SafeHireã Event Equipment Hire Company of the Year award. Since 2016, we are the only Midlands-based company to be nominated.


SafeHire certification 

As you may have gathered from us mentioning the awards, being SafeHireã certified is something we’re rather passionate about.  

Businesses that receive the SafeHire certification have achieved a specific level of quality and proven they can meet certain criteria to an exacting standard. It’s a business development programme that supports organisations to build and run their operations. By focusing on a range of key areas, it demonstrates commitment to improvement. Achieving SafeHire  Certification substantiates HAE EHA members’ commitment to the leading industry standard. The unmistakable orange logo should be the first verification on any procurement department list. 

So, receiving this accreditation is an honour in itself. However, it’s something we strongly feel every business in our industry should strive for.  


A growing team 

As our company’s reputation for providing excellent equipment hire has grown, so has the business itself. We’ve now expanded to a team of 11 people, rising to 16 full-time staff in peak season. This is a reflection of how our business has grown to accommodate increased demand.  

So, from a £2 bet, our business has flourished. Now the rest, as they say, is history.  

Like we said, it was a surprising turn of events…  

I bet you’ve not started a company like this!  

Are you looking to hire catering equipment? Visit our FAQs or contact us today, so a member of our team can help you.  

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