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Why You Should Look at Catering Hire as More than ‘Just a Hire’

Why You Should Look at Catering Hire as More than Just a Hire

It’s the day before the event. You’ve got everything prepared, and you’re ready to enjoy it. You’ve got an itinerary of the itinerary, a to-do list for the to-do list lists and you’ve organised the organisers.

Even the weather is looking positive and not one person has cancelled. It’s a dream event come true. What could possibly go wrong?

As you’ll know an awful lot goes into organising events. Every detail, every section, every element within the event needs careful thought and consideration if you’re going to have the ideal occasion with no (noticeable) slip-ups.

But it’s not all down to you. For an event to be truly successful you’ll need everyone and every thing involved in the event to do what’s needed, too. You need every person and piece of equipment to be reliable.

That’s when good hire really comes into play. And that’s why accreditations like the SafeHire program can be a really good indicator for you.

Because when all is said and done, it’s more than just hire…


Peace of mind

With all that goes into running an event or catering at it, you need peace of mind. We work in a very competitive industry - on price, anyway. When it comes to the level of service, there’s far less competition.

With the cheaper end of the market, you’ll find less peace of mind, fewer positive vibes, and not so much of that “they’ll definitely turn up on time” confidence.

We’d be so bold as to say that hiring is almost more about peace of mind than the hire itself!

Our clients know they hire equipment from a company like us because they need it for their event. But knowing it’ll arrive on time, in the right place, and in excellent working order is what gives real peace of mind.

You can tick it off the list and forget about it. You can carry on planning the other elements of the event, safe in the knowledge that what you order will be there when you need it and it’ll work exactly as you want it to.

That’s why it’s so much more than just a hire; it’s peace of mind.


Your brand under ours

If you’ve hired us to supply kitchen equipment, crockery, glasses, and cutlery to the site you’re working at, then you’ll want to be confident that we’ll turn up on time and with the right kit. But you’ll also want to know that we’ll turn up with professionalism and not in some tatty van with a grumpy driver who couldn’t care less, and a service that looks from the outset like you cut corners.

That’s a terrible start and might affect the peace of mind of your customer has about the service you’re going to provide on the day. Don’t risk that.


When you get on site, everything is there

We’ve worked in the industry for long enough to know that hiring can be a mine field. If you’re running lots of events at once then you’ll need to work with a company that really knows its stuff and not only hires you the right equipment but delivers it carefully, and in the right location.

Turning up to an event, no matter where it is, and finding the heavy plates and kitchen kit in the wrong place is a big issue. It’s not something you’d planned for and the weight of the kit can often mean many trips with smaller quantities to shift it, or getting help from other people on the ground on-site.

None of this looks good on you and it eats into your food prep time, too!

A good hirer will always ask about the venue the equipment is going to, but also ask where you’d like it all deposited. Having the plates and glasses stacked in front of the ovens and hot cupboards isn’t going to help when your waiting staff (tasked with laying up the tables) don’t arrive for a few hours, leaving you the job of moving it all.


Mistakes happen, rectifications always follow

Life isn’t perfect and although you’ll try your very best to avoid mistakes, sometimes they’re almost inevitable as part of life’s rich tapestry and the constant tests we’re sent to deal with.

We aim to avoid all the mistakes. With checks on checks and kitchen equipment being given full tests before every single hire, nothing leaves without a full once over.

  • No plug is left untested.
  • No count is left uncounted.

This way, we remove 99% of mistakes.

That 1% will crop up every now and again. Good hire doesn’t let this affect the job, though.

When, on the very rare occasion, we do have an issue with a hire – we’re on it straight away. Recently we went out to site to replace an oven - even though it turned out to be the onsite electrics and not our fault!

Good hire is more than just the delivery; it’s the delivery of the delivery. It’s the reaction to the mistakes. It’s what we do way beyond booking in, dropping off, and collecting the equipment you need.

More often than not, the delivery is different from what was ordered as we’ve added in our expertise into the order process and helped you as a hirer to get what you really need. That’s just something we add in. It’s our ‘included as standard’ ethos.

Some mistakes are almost unavoidable, but the way you respond to them is totally within your control. For peace of mind, check all of your kit, switch on all the equipment, light the ovens etc on the day of delivery. For a weekend event, we normally deliver on a Thursday or Friday.  That way you can eliminate the stress before the event.


It’s more than just hire

When you’re looking at the cost of hire and who you’re going to work with, bear in mind that the cost will cover far more than the wear and tear of the equipment and the fuel to drive it there.

From start to finish, good hire will make sure that all the kit hired is not only correct and accounted for, but that it’s safe to use, clean, and delivered right where you want it. Good hire is also about making sure that when things don’t go to plan, it’s fixed promptly. This is why we deliver on weekdays and ask people to check the delivery as soon as it arrives.  

That’s why we say that good hire is more than just hire. It’s our way of life.

Find out why we’re on the Event Hire Association approved list, and how our approach to hire has made us a finalist in their awards in 2016, 2017, and 2019 by giving us a call.

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