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22nd April 2022 - COVID 19 Cancellation Terms - Our cancellation terms will only alter if the Government imposes a lockdown that prevents your event from going ahead

Catering Equipment Hire

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All prices exclude VAT and Delivery
  • Cinders Caterer Double Grill Gas Barbecue More information
    Barbecue LPG (Cinders) £118.00/item Size: 67.5” (1715mm) x 26” (660mm) x 31.25” (794mm)
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Barbecue Griddle Plate More information
    Barbecue Griddle Plate £33.00/item Size: 75cm x 46cm
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / 19KG LPG Gas Cylinder (Propane - Orange) More information
    19KG LPG Gas Cylinder (Propane - Orange) £55.00/item Size: H 80 cm | Diam 31 cm
    - +
  • LPG 6 Ring Burner & Oven More information
    6 Ring Burner & Oven LPG £125.00/item Size: Dimensions: 890(H) x 900(W) x 770(D)mm
    - +
  • Blue Seal Turbofan Convection Oven & Stand More information
    Turbofan Convection Oven & Stand (Holds 4 x 1/1 GN Trays) £120.00/item Size: 625(H) x 810(W) x 616(D)mm
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Touch Control Double Induction Hob More information
    Touch Control Double Induction Hob £64.00/item Size: 56(H) x 608(W) x 370(D)mm
    - +
  • Tabletop Deep Fat Fryer More information
    Tabletop Deep Fat Fryer - Twin Tank, Twin Basket £105.00/item Size: 320(H) x 540(W) x 410(D)mm
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Bakewell Pan (470 x 355 x 40mm) More information
    Bakewell Pan (470 x 355 x 40mm) £5.80/item Size: 470 x 355 x 40mm
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Bakewell Pan (420 x 305 x 40mm) More information
    Bakewell Pan (420 x 305 x 40mm) £5.40/item Size: 420 x 305 x 40mm
    - +
  • Gastronorm Trays/Pans More information
    Gastronorm Trays/Pans £3.30/item Size: GN1/1 - 530 x 325 x 65 mm
    - +
  • Electric Hot Holding Cupboard More information
    Hot Holding Cupboard - Temperature Controlled £198.00/item Size: 690Wx830Dx1655H
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Hot Cupboard - Plain Top More information
    Hot Cupboard - Plain Top £80.00/item Size: 1020(W)x440(H)x540(D)
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Table Top Carvery Unit More information
    Table Top Carvery Unit £55.00/item Size: W1135 x D535 x H575mm
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Hot Cupboard with Bain Marie Top and Gantry Light More information
    Hot Cupboard with Bain Marie Top and Gantry Light £180.00/item  
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Handwash Unit More information
    Handwash Unit £64.00/item Size: 10 Litre
    - +
  • Upright Glass Fronted Bottle Fridge More information
    Upright Glass Fronted Bottle Fridge £126.00/item Size: 1900(H) x 595(W) x 640(D)mm
    - +
  • Upright Solid Door Fridge Hire More information
    Upright Solid Door Fridge £85.00/item Size: 1900(H) x 595(W) x 640(D)mm
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Single Door Under Counter Bottle Fridge More information
    Single Door Under Counter Bottle Fridge £75.00/item Size: 900(H) x 525(W) x 500(D)mm
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Cold Servery Unit More information
    Cold Servery Unit £220.00/item Size: W1200 x D670 x H1450mm
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Chest Freezer More information
    Chest Freezer £106.00/item Size: W1305 x D716 x H830mm
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Freezer - Upright More information
    Freezer - Upright £141.00/item Size: 12 cu ft
    - +
  • Gastronorm Racking Trolley More information
    Gastronorm Racking Trolley £45.00/item Size: Accepts 20 x 1/1 Trays
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Table Top Bain Marie More information
    Table Top Bain Marie £50.40/item Size: W600 X D600 X H305mm
    - +
  • Lincat Electric Boiling Rings More information
    TWIN RING - Electric Hob £28.00/item  
    - +
  • Cast Iron Double Burner Gas Boiling Ring with FFD More information
    Gas Ring (Twin) LPG £35.00/item  
    - +
  • Cast Iron Single Burner Gas Boiling Ring with FFD More information
    Gas Ring (Single) LPG £23.00/item  
    - +
  • Countertop Griddle More information
    Counter Top Electric Griddle £45.00/item Size: W450 x D520 x H240
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Bottle Skip More information
    Bottle Skip £16.00/item Size: L991 x W380 x D610
    - +
  • Manual Fill Water Boiler Hire More information
    Water Boiler 30L £26.00/item Size: 30 Litre/180 cups
    - +
  • Coffee Percolator Hire More information
    Coffee Percolator £34.00/item Size: 16 Litres/100 Cup
    - +
  • 104 Plate Jackstack Hire More information
    Jack Stack £84.00/item Size: Upto 104 Plates
    - +
  • LPG Paella Pan & Stand Hire More information
    Paella Pan, Triple Ring Burner and Stand LPG £115.00/item Size: 90cm Pan
    - +
  • Freestanding Double Sink Unit More information
    Sink - Double Unit £105.00/item Size: L1800mm
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Chafing Dish - 9 Litre More information
    Chafing Dish - 9 Litre £17.00/item Size: 320(H) x 600(W) x 350(D)
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Chafing Dish - 4.5 Litre More information
    Chafing Dish - 4.5 Litre £13.00/item Size: 4.5 Litre
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Chafing Fuel Gel More information
    Chafing Fuel Gel £2.45/item Size: 2 Hour Burn Time
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Saucepan - Large More information
    Saucepan - Large £8.00/item  
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Saucepan - Medium More information
    Saucepan - Medium £6.00/item  
    - +
  • Soup Kettle More information
    Soup Kettle £34.00/item Size: 10 Litre
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Fish Kettle More information
    Fish Kettle £5.00/item  
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Toaster 6 slice More information
    Toaster 6 slice £23.80/item  
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Dustbin More information
    Dustbin £5.00/item  
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Flat 20 More information
    Flat 20 £2.41/item Size: 20"
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Flat 24 More information
    Flat 24 £3.98/item Size: 24"
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Flat - Fish More information
    Flat - Fish £4.80/item Size: 24" x 11"
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Tea Pot - Monaco Fine More information
    Tea Pot - Monaco Fine £4.00/item Size: 30oz
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Tea Pot - Churchill Classic More information
    Tea Pot - Churchill Classic £3.10/item Size: 30oz
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Coffee Pot - Monaco Fine More information
    Coffee Pot - Monaco Fine £4.00/item Size: 30oz
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Cafetiere (12 Demi Tasse Cup) More information
    Cafetiere (12 Demi Tasse Cup) £4.00/item Size: 1.5 Litres
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Tea Pots (Insulated White) More information
    Tea Pots (Insulated White) £2.45/item Size: 64oz
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Coffee Pots (Insulated Black) More information
    Coffee Pots (Insulated Black) £2.45/item Size: 64oz
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Tea Pots (Vacuum Serving Jug) More information
    Tea Pots (Vacuum Serving Jug) £2.45/item Size: 1.5 Litres
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Coffee Pots (Vacuum Serving Jug) More information
    Coffee Pots (Vacuum Serving Jug) £2.45/item Size: 2 Litre
    - +
  • Kitchen hire / Paella Spoon More information
    Paella Spoon £4.99/item Size: 80cm
    - +
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Getting the food out on time, and in perfect sync with the flow of the event doesn’t happen by accident; it’s all about great timing and the best catering equipment hire.

We provide catering equipment hire services for BirminghamStratford-upon-AvonWarwickshireWorcestershireGloucestershire, The Cotswolds and the West Midlands.


Catering equipment hire you can rely on

Great timing comes from great preparation, but when you’re catering at an event without a permeant kitchen, that can be a challenge without the right working environment.

Thankfully, you can hire your catering equipment for your event from Plato. With our expert team on hand, your kitchen will be ready to deliver the perfect service - every time.

From tables to equipment and everything in between, Plato’s catering equipment hire will ensure you can prep, store, cook, and serve effortlessly.


Catering equipment hire for your event

It doesn’t matter the size of the event for which you’ve been asked to provide catering services; Plato can draw from its sizeable stock of catering equipment to ensure you have everything that’s required.

We provide catering equipment hire for countless events every year, and that means we know exactly what you need - before you put pen to paper.

It isn’t always easy to work out exactly what you need for each event, but our experienced team will ensure you hire the right equipment.

Here are the main types of catering equipment we can provide:

·      Production

·      Refrigeration

·      Preparation

·      Holding

·      Food serving

·      Beverage equipment

We offer so much more, too, therefore if you can’t see the catering equipment you need above, just get in touch.


Ensuring the catering equipment you hire is safe

There’s nothing worse than being caught short during an event thanks to shoddy equipment, but with Plato catering equipment hire, you’ll have no such worries.

We ensure that every piece of catering equipment our team provides lights up, heats up, or chills as you’d expect. From our LPG BBQs to six ring burner ovens, our aim is simple: deliver the best catering equipment that can be relied on every single time.

The equipment you hire from us will be clean and in perfect working order. It’ll be like using brand-new kit every single time.

For extra peace of mind, we’re award-winning and SafeHire Certified, too!


How do I order catering equipment online?

We’ve made the ordering process super-simple, because we know you have limited time on your hands.

Just follow this three-step process:

  • Step 1: Select the equipment you need.
  • Step 2: Add each piece of equipment to your quote.
  • Step 3: Submit your quote and wait for the Plato team to discuss it with you.

We won’t leave you hanging; the Plato team will get back to you, fast. You can also change anything you’ve placed on your quote, and add more, if required.

The Plato team knows exactly what questions to ask to ensure you get the right catering equipment and the exceptional service for which we’re known.

Quote Submission